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Do you need to find a job? Maybe you were made redundant recently? Perhaps it has been weeks or months since you last worked? Well, if that describes your position accurately, then this is the place for you to find a job in the fastest time possible.

Did you know that the statistics that have come from the USA Government states that there are now 15,000,000 people out of work? If you want to find a job, then so do they. However, the way to find a job is to have an advantage over the other guy, isnít it? If you know something that he doesnít know, you have the upper hand.

When it comes to getting back to work, you want to make sure that your money is well-spent, donít you? OK. Well, if you knew that you could cover the cost of the guide that helps you find work, then that would help, right?

If you knew that the guide that helped you find a job could also help you make enough to pay for the groceries, or the rent, or for the odd beer, if you want one, wouldnít that be money well-spent?

"The Career Lifeboat" is called that because the man who wrote it has many, many years of experience in helping people in exactly your present position to find work. He canít spread himself thinly enough to meet 15,000,000 people who are all looking for work in the US, or 2,500,000 who are unemployed in the UK. It isnít physically possible. So, he decided that he would have to produce a guide that would enable those with the get-up-and-go to learn from his teaching. Those clever ones, people like you, will find out how to beat the competition and find a job fast. Not only that. You will manage to make some money Ė real money; cash in your bank; cash in your hand Ė from this book. Itíll be enough to keep things moving while you climb over the competition to find a job and to get back to work. Go on. Buy it. You know it makes sense!




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