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Are you looking for a job? If you are, then this is your chance to get back to work fast! Do you feel that you are sitting and waiting for something to happen?

Well, if you have looked at some of the working at home websites that try to sell you idiotic ideas for making money, you may have decided that work from home is all good and well, but you want to get back to work.

According to  USA Government figures, there are approximately 9,800,000 out of work right now (May 2014)! In the UK, it’s 2,200,000. That means there are huge numbers of people who, like you, want to get back to work. They may have been waiting for months – or even years – to get back to work.

Can you afford to do that?

The answer is, "No! You can’t!"

That is what "The Career Lifeboat" is for. This is a get-back-to-work program.

It’s written by a highly-experienced careers advisor called Andrew Gray. This program, or guide, was written by Andrew to help you find work when you're looking for a job. It takes you by the hand and helps you get back to work fast. It tells you everything you need to know to find work. Not only that. It also tells you how to make a bit of money while you’re doing so. They aren’t ways that will make you rich – unless work from home is something you want to try for yourself and there is a guide to that included – but they will make money for you. It’ll do something for you that neither the USA Government or UK Government will do. That is to put money in your pocket.

If you are serious when you tell yourself that you want to get back to work, then this is a no-brainer. This guide tells you exactly how to get back to work. It will get you moving and stop you from sitting at home and waiting for a job to come along. If you sit and wait, nothing will happen! You know it won’t and I know it won’t!

So – what are you waiting for? If you follow just one idea on how to make money from this book, it will cover the cost in only a couple of hours, so you can’t lose!

Do yourself a favor – buy this guide and get back to work!


“Andrew has an exceptional depth of knowledge in his field. He is a first class communicator who encourages and motivates you to get the best from yourself. He offers sound and extremely useful advice and direction. His counseling has been hugely beneficial to me.” Gordon Egan


"Andrew is ... a deep thinker and one who does a great deal of research.....I would RECOMMEND him unreservedly.” Brian G Harry

The help you need is 'The Career Lifeboat'. It's a book that will help you get back to work and pay those bills while you do so. You can get your hands on it fast (allow up to 30 seconds for a standard broadband connection) by downloading it as a Word document, an RTF Document (Rich Text Format) or as a PDF Document.

It's a book which acts like a training course. We call this book, 'The Career Lifeboat', because it tells you how to save your career if you're adrift. 


  • It teaches you how to beat the competition when it comes to finding a job. 

  • It tells you how to use your skills to target companies, produce a winning resume and letters to prospective employers. Not only that! It tells you how to knock those employers' socks off with your brilliant interview skills (it goes into that with loads of really helpful information)!

  • The lessons you will learn in this book will teach you how to get you back into employment fast, because you will learn that there is a technique to securing a job and most people don't know how to approach it. The 'Career Lifeboat' is your guide to getting back to work.*

MOST IMPORTANTLY - this book tells you how to keep the wolf from the door while you apply for jobs and go for interviews. 

We tell you how to make money in the real world. No nonsense about making $100 a day for two hours doing online surveys. That's garbage and you know it. So is stuffing envelopes, for example. Don't be taken in. 

This is a very readable, down-to-earth book that tells you what you need to know. It's packed with advice to give you the edge over the competition you face at every interview you secure. Not only that! As a FREE BONUS, you get access to a download copy of Tom Hua's book, 'Free to sell'. If you don't know who Tom Hua is, he is the Grandaddy of internet marketing. This is his guide to all things relating to setting up in online sales. It's INDISPENSABLE!

This book is addressed to the people who matter. People like you. Remember, you can cover the cost of this book using the information it gives you on making REAL money on the internet! 


Our offer cannot last! Get "The Career Lifeboat" while it is on offer!




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¤  Bureau of Labor report, Friday March 7th 2014.

* Yale & Oxenfoord emphasizes that securing employment will always be down to the individual's own efforts and it makes no guarantee that the buyer will be certain to secure employment.


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